The classic 6pm "catnap"

The classic 6pm nap...

This past summer has been a total sprint with crazy jobs, and nutty deadlines.  We have been very fortunate to be on the road most of the time since June, but I think Richard might need a little break.  (He will kill me for shooting this photo in the studio, but I couldnt resist.)

We finished shooting last night at 11pm… 1.5hr drive back home, then a 3am wake-up, for a 4am call for this mornings “Surfer” portrait of designer Gary Hedrick of Elefantworks, and member of the punk/ska band “Kicked in the Head.” We finished that shoot, cleaned the gear, and he headed straight for the editing suite.

Richard is deep in an edit pushing hard to finish an “Investigator Profile” for the Research Lab of Electronics.

You can catch some of the past Investigator Profile films we have done for the Research Lab on YouTube.

Good thing we have a couch in the studio!

Post Coffee

Post Coffee