With respect to my last post…. I did get on the phone this AM and called Mamiya USA to find out about using the Pocket Wizard to both trigger the camera remotely as well as fire the strobe.

As it turns out, the trick is this: You will need at least one Transceiver Plus II, as well as a Transmitter Plus II and Receiver Plus II. First, set the Transiever to channel 1 and put it on the hotshoe on the camera. Next connect the camera via the remote cord from the female mini plug to the remote port on the camera body.

Next, set the Transmitter to channel 1. (This will fire the camera.)

Lastly, connect the Reciever to the pack via the sync cable making sure the Reciever is on channel 2.

As the Mamiya tech explained it, the signal will go from the Transmitter via channel 1, to the Transciever, down the remote cable to fire the camera. When the camera goes off, the hot shoe will pick up the signal, in turn being sent out via the Transiever (automatically sending on channel2) to the Receiver (set to channel 2) on the pack, where it will fire the strobe.

I knew it could be done. I just wasnt keen enough to figure it out.

Now we know!!!!
BTW, for what its worth, the techs over at Mamiya were fantastic!!! Every time I call, they take all the time in the world explaining whatever I want to know. Kudos to Pocket Wizard and Mamiya!