For those of you who know me, you know that I am a HUGE gear geek.  I love to try out, and use new stuff.  Last week, when we rented the Eazy-Jib for the video shoot at MIT, Boston Camera gave us a Mag-Liner cart to haul around all the gear.

Rental cart from Boston Camera

Rental cart from Boston Camera

When I lived in L.A. and worked as a camera assistant in the movie biz, I owned a Mag-Liner, but sold it when I moved back east.  I guess I had forgotten just how cool and useful of a tool it is.

Large work surface

Folds nicely

Folds nice

Large bottom shelf

Large bottom shelf

So, in customary fashion, the day after the shoot, I went ahead and purchased a new one.  (Should be here any day now!)

The exciting part is that things have progressed a long way since I was out in L.A. in the mid 90’s.  Now, there is a very cool company called FilmTools in CA that is selling totally pimped out carts.  They take the chassis from Mag-Liner, and convert it to a much more sturdy, heavy duty rolling work surface.  The cart folds up nicely, and fits easily in the back of the pick-up.

We ordered ours with lots of cool accessories so we can hang tripods, mount monitors, and hang cables.

Stay tuned for some location shots of the cart in action!