Greg and Josh after shoot

Greg and Josh after shoot

Well its Heart Gallery time again!

Twice a year, a handful of professional photographers get together and donate their time to the Mass Adoption Resource Exchange, or MARE.

Today we photographed Josh in Brockton. It was a pretty hot day, and we were scheduled to shoot at 13:00hrs so I was a bit concerned about the light. We didn’t have that much time to scout, and we really didn’t want to take up too much of Josh’s time, so the correct location was key! It had to be close to his home as well as provide a nice soft even light.

We chose a closed junior high school with a large concrete overhang. This would provide a nice side light, cool relief from the heat, graphic lines to add drama to the photo, and a great place for Josh to lean against. Although a subtle notion, this is a key element in creating a successful portrait.

Having to stand out in the open and have your photograph can be a daunting process. Giving the subject an object to lean against, or something to lean on can often be the key to making them feel comfortable and less vulnerable.

Once we had the location, the photo went very quickly. We had pulled out the portable strobes as well as several SB-800s with the thought of winking in some light, but a quick look through the camera proved that only a bounce was needed.

Josh's final portrait

The image was shot camera raw in color. MARE ends up cropping the photos, so I cropped the image for them in their 4:3 format, added a slight film grain, desaturated it, and boosted the contrast a bit.

Its important in a portrait to guide the viewers eyes to the subject. You can see how I used the graphic lines of the building below and above him as well as the railing in the background to draw the viewer into the photo.

All in all, I am very happy with the photo. Volunteering for the Heart Gallery Project is very important to me, and I am very happy to be involved again. I urge all of you to check out the project!

To learn more about the Heart Gallery project, or get info on MARE, check them out on-line: Images will be on display at the MA State House, and then at Jordan’s Furniture.