Silvia Express comming into Boston Harbor

Shot some cool new “industrial” photos today out in Boston Harbor.

We saw the pilot boat, and then the tugs head out of the harbor, so we knew a ship was soon to follow.

It was worth the wait, because when the Silvia Express steamed into the harbor, we were able to capture some of my favorite stuff… Gritty, contrasty, BW industrial photography.

There is just something amazing about shooting large objects to me. I just cant get enough. Especially when it involves being in cool crazy places like out on the water or hanging out of a helicopter.

This shot is my favorite from the selects. I did a tiny bit of dodging on the stern of the ship, but overall, the mood was pretty contrasty on its own. Just goes to show that you dont need beautiful light to get cool stuff.

I have been revisiting a lot of my older hi-ISO BW shots (3200) and have been messing around with the film grain setting in CS3. For the new web site, I have been scanning and adding a lot of the shots from my drive to Alaska. My intent was to try to recapture some of the grit I found when working with that medium.

The crazy part was that a squall was just about to blow in and drench us. About 10 min after this shot was taken, lightning started striking the city and we had to make a brake to the south so we wouldnt get fried.