Setting up the seamless

Setting up the seamless

We got the chance to go back to one of Entegris‘s Boston facilities today to shoot some more product shots.

I have always been a big fan of shooting product at the clients facility rather than having the client bring the product into the studio. I guess I love the challenge of shooting great photography out on the road. When your out on the road, its never the same shoot. I take pride in being able to set up the shot wherever….whenever.

Entegris has been a fantastic client. I have been able to shoot some of my favorite photographs out on the road with Anna Anderson. We have been fortunate to shoot in Japan, Malasya, and Singapore

Yonezawa Japan

Clean room meeting: Yonezawa Japan

This is my favorite shot from our last trip out on the road. This was shot in a clean room in Japan.

Also one of my favorites is this portrait of the facilities manager who oversaw the building of the new plant in Malaysia.


Portrait: Malaysia